Youth Committee



Are you interested in organizing and planning health related events or creating health campaigns for your community? Join the Shiawassee County Health Department's Youth Committee so your voice can be heard! This group will create, plan, and host events or initiatives related to teen health. 

We are looking for 9th-12th graders in Shiawassee County. 

Meetings will  generally occur on the 3rd Thursday of the month. At this time, SCHD Youth Committee will be meeting in person - pending COVID-19 case counts. 


Click download of a printed version of our application or apply online. Applicants will need a letter of recommendation from a neighbor, coach, or teacher and a signed permission form from their parent/guardian prior to attending a meeting.

Mission: To promote, plan, and share health related activities, resources, and education to Shiawassee County youth. 

Goals: Plan a "teen health day" event, educate youth about health related topics, and increase presence on social media. 


Social Media 

Interested in seeing what we've been up to? Find us on social media!

Facebook: @SCHDyouthcommittee

Instagram: @schd_youthcommittee


2020-2021 School Year Accomplishments 

2019-2020 School Year 

During the 2019-2020 school year, Youth Committee members worked on a variety of projects. Their first project, "What Health Means To Me" shined light on how people view their health and what it means to be healthy. Members created a vaping awareness video, mental health guide, and created social media posts to bring awareness to other health related topics. 

Focus areas for the 2019-2020 school year included: mental health, reproductive health, nutrition, and substance abuse.