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Period of Purple Crying

The Period of Purple Crying Program is a partnership between the Shiawassee County Health Department, Memorial Healthcare, and the Great Start Collaborative of Shiawassee County. This program aims to support parents and caregivers in their understanding of early increased infant crying and to reduce the incidence of shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma. This evidence based prevention program provides the opportunity for parents to learn about the crying characteristics from over 50 years of research. 



New parents will receive educational tools to emphasize the dangers of shaking a baby. This program comes with a clear, memorable, and meaningful positive message for new parents and caregivers. Program materials include a phone app and booklet or a DVD and booklet for parents to take home and share with anyone potentially caring for their child. 


New parents will receive dose 1 of the program through Memorial Healthcare after a baby has been born. New parents will watch the "Crying, Soothing and Coping: Doing What Comes Naturally" video and then go over the booklet with hospital staff. 


Dose 2 of the program will be given by home visitors and pediatricians to remind parents that this period of crying will end and to re-watch the "Crying, Soothing and Coping: Doing What Comes Naturally" video. 


Dose 3 is educating the general public on the Period of Purple Crying program. This will be done by creating social media posts, billboards, and radio advertisements. 



-Change the baby's position

-Create movement

-White noise (fan, dishwasher, vacuum)

-Rhythms and repetition (singing a lullaby)

-Change in smell

-Going outside (taking a walk)

-Sucking (pacifier or finger)



Interested in educating others on the Period of Purple Crying program?

Visit: for more information.


Visit: to learn how you can donate purple knit hats.



Funding for this program was provided by the Shiawassee Community Foundation.